Expect to meet new friends and have the full support of other like minded individuals who are in a similar position as yourself.

You can post any questions, photos and updates you have to share with the LFP community.

each other with a like, comment OR even message each other directly from the site!

The Limitless Flow coach will keep up with the community providing any assistance needed.

Within the membership site, you will be provided with weekly online tutorials based off your category and federation and posing video library, access to the video library and community page.

All there to support you and give you a kick start in your posing journey.

Online posing tutorials will be based off the chosen category and federation you have applied with. Each week a new video will be live for you to learn the basics of posing. For example… Week one - how to do the front pose + Week two - How to do the side pose.

It provides you with 8-10 weeks worth of learning! They are spaced out the way so you can perfect each one before moving onto the next!

The posing video library provides you with all external / detail information about posing as a whole. For example, how not to travel when quarter turning, what shoes should I get, tips on stage presence.

It is there to educate you on everything else posing and stage related.

Take a look at the membership preview page for an insight to the site.

Simple answer, as soon as you know you want to compete. The more time the better. It takes time to learn and perfect so don't leave it to the last minute!

Honestly, this is not an issue at all.

Sania has perfected her teaching for all levels of posers and will go at the speed at which you learn. The online posing tutorials on the Limitless Flow membership have been created specifically for beginners to kick start their posing at a basic level and provide them with a better understanding.

Yes we do.

Online sessions are done over zoom and are just as effective as in person.

In person sessions are based in my posing studio at Ultimate Fitness Birmingham.

Within the membership / community site, there is a video explanation on how to set up for your online session and posing check-in. In all honesty, it doesn't matter as long as I can see your WHOLE body. Head to toe!

Posing check-ins are where you will upload a video of your current posing. Once the video is submitted on your confirmed check-in date, your coach, Sania, will assess the posing and send a detailed video response explaining, points of improvement, suggestions and also what went well! This will provide you with tasks to work on to better your posing for next time!

First of all you need to get booked in with Sania. On the day of your posing session, you will receive a zoom link via your email that will take you to the correct Zoom class for your posing session. Once you have completed your posing session, a video recording of the session will be sent to you soon after your session, so you can look back and ensure you are taking the notes on.

No! If you know you want to compete but don't know when it doesn't matter at all!

  • Bikini
  • Wellness
  • Figure

  • PCA
  • 2BROS
  • BNBF
  • FITX
  • WNBF

It would be sad to see you go, however, if you want to cancel your subscription it must be done before the next month’s payment has been taken out. It is a monthly subscription so it will be taken out automatically. You MUST message LFP via the contact page to get this done manually. Once payment has been taken out there is a NO REFUND POLICY. It is your responsibility to cancel the subscription.

If you need to cancel your session, please note everything on this website has a NO REFUND POLICY!!

However, sometimes things do come up, in which we do understand so you may reschedule your posing session for FREE up to 72 hours before your posing session. If it is within the 72 hours you will need to pay a fee of £25 to reschedule your session otherwise it will be cancelled.

Yes this is possible, BUT, this must be confirmed by the Limitless Flow Posing coach and it’ll be sorted on our end.




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